Staff Augmentation

ist offers a vast array of services – tailored to your needs.

Flexibility of Staffing Solutions

Our recruiting reach is unlimited. A strategy is determined to identify the best talent by supplementing superior recruiting processes with the latest technologies available, we can locate the best candidate for a customer’s need, whether the candidate is local, regional, national or international. The various options a customer has to utilize our people to fit their needs are:


IST will provide our consultants to work at our customers’ facilities to provide the critical skills necessary to complete projects or maintain operations successfully. At the end of the assignment, IST is responsible for all out-boarding.


This option allows the customer who has an interest in hiring quality talent to observe the performance of the consultant for a period of time prior to making the hire decision. The consultant is an employee of IST up to the point of transition to direct employment status with the customer.

Direct Hire

This option is effective to find the passive candidates, best qualified for the customer’s need, but not actively looking to make a change. IST recruiters are in continuing contact with these candidates and understand and look for the opportunities that would interest them.

Client Identified Personnel

Many times customers know of qualified people possessing needs skills, however, for a number of reasons, cannot justify direct hiring with its associated payroll costs and burdens. IST will become the employer and be responsible for all payroll, withholdings and administration functions.

An IST representative is available to discuss these various options with you. Please Contact Us!

Recruiting Process

Top-Notch Recruitment

IST has developed over time a rigorous and repeatable recruiting process to ensure quality of our services every time. Every customer, every requirement follows the same proven process.


Each unique customer requirement is reviewed for through understanding before a plan of attack is implemented.


Various methods are utilized including review of IST candidate database, traditional networking, job boards, internet, referrals, etc.


After the initial pre-qualification, candidates then subject to an in-depth technical interview process, or CPIP (Critical Path Interviewing Process). CPIP is an IST exclusive screening process in which a candidate is screened for hard and soft skills separately. The weighted points score is then compared to the customer’s particular weighted requirements.


The final stage before the employment offer includes reference checking, background screening, substance abuse testing and academic verification.


Begins the process of on-boarding, including execution of employment agreement and forms, client specific documents and E-Verify.

The recruitment process does not end with the hiring of a consultant. The final step is extremely valuable to the future service provided by IST. Customer Satisfaction Scoring or CSS is accomplished by customers responding to periodic survey requests ascertaining evaluation of our consultants and our services.