Human Capital Solutions

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Human Capital is the collective skills, knowledge, or the intangible assets of individuals that can be used to create economic value for the individuals, the organization to which they are employed, or their community. The concept of Human Capital recognizes that not all labor is equal and that the quality of individuals can be improved by investing in them; through effective management, communication of goals, and objectives, training, compensation and recognition. The desired result of any organization is to have their Human Capital constantly be a renewable source of creativity and innovation and develop the ability to change as the organization changes or the economic markets in which the organization strives to be a leader.

IST has learned a long time ago that a successful staffing & recruiting firm must do more than to just match candidates’ skills required for the particular client requirement. A thorough knowledge and understanding of the client organization as to its mission, goals & objectives will allow IST to better qualify and select candidates’ skills along with their goals, experience, and education, abilities to accept and function with change, family and community lives. Once engaged at a client, IST conducts performance reviews for every employee to continually monitor performance levels and areas of improvement. It is the process that has revealed to IST that the client organization and how it is managed, how communication is handled, and the happiness of its employees directly influences performance of our contract employees. It is this realization that has drawn IST to seek solutions available for client organizations.

One such solution is the CT SCAN Survey Tool, an invaluable Diagnostic and Monitoring tool for Qualitative Performance Indicators. Click here to find out more about CT SCAN.