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CT SCAN Survey

A “full body” CT Scan of an Organization is an invaluable Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool in order to measure and manage Qualitative Performance Indicators. This survey can be best describes as a CT Scan of the organization; a check-up on the internal health of the organization. Like any check-up, it highlights the strong and weak spots within the organization so management may focus their efforts on the areas where they are most needed.

CT SCAN measures

  • Key Business Drivers at all levels in the organization
  • Employee Satisfaction at all levels of the organization
  • Vision, Mission and Values it’s level of adherence by the company, “walking our talk.”
  • Employee Engagement level

Survey Rationale

This is a valuable tool for capturing the pulse of an organization to guide leadership decision and improve Organizational Effectiveness.

  • Essential for directing, monitoring, and controlling the change process. It assists management in preparing a blueprint for the change process and setting the correct priorities for the change.
  • Invaluable in managing cultural change and aligning the organizational culture with goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Provides an accurate and clear cut platform for the performance management system, the objective-setting process and the balanced scorecard.
  • Periodically, it can help in identifying trends and improvements of key qualitative performance indicators

Survey Process

Salient Features

  • Fast turnaround time – approximately 45 days from launch to final report
  • Superior survey process: Senior Management is involved at all stages of the survey design to improve validity of the survey and to obtain management buy-in
  • Online survey with real-time, multi-tiered, graphical reports; paper version also available
  • Survey questionnaire and reports are customized to cater to the needs of each organization
  • Electronic and paper-based questionnaires
  • Questionnaire can be filled in one sitting or multiple sittings


Reports provide summaries, detailed statistics, demographic analysis, and written feedback. All reports include a comprehensive analysis of the key business drivers, employee satisfaction, adherence to Vision, Mission and Values and Employee Engagement. Each element of the survey is analyzed from several angles for every department, business unit, function, management level, locations, etc. Reports are customized according to the organization’s requirements.
Comprehensive and easy-to-navigate electronic reports allow the users to drill down to the last details in order to diagnose the issues. The main features of the reports are:

  • Survey scores – company, business unit, every department, function, location, employee level/classifications, etc.
  • Survey scores of each category – business drivers, employee satisfaction, Vision, Mission and Values and Employee Engagemen
  • Survey scores of each survey dimension
  • Survey scores of each element/question of the survey
  • Best to Worst ranking all of survey dimensions
  • Best to Worst ranking of all survey dimensions in each category
  • Major strengths and weaknesses
  • Strengths/Weaknesses in each category
  • Comparative scores for different classifications of employees showing major gaps

Separate reports are generated for the Organization, each Business Unit, department, Function, Location and different levels/classifications of employees incorporating the aforementioned features separately for each report.

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